WesterOz Swing, a West Coast Swing Event in Perth!

15-17 February 2019

Magnetic Dance is proud to present WesterOz Swing 2019!

We are very excited to introduce the second edition of our event in Perth, complete with amazing international instructors, Jack and Jill competitions and social dancing into the evening! Plus in 2019 we are honoured to be Western Australia's first WSDC Registry Event!

Last year we were thrilled to bring together the West and East coast WCS communities at the first 3 day event of it's kind in Perth and this year is going to be bigger and better!


Patty Vo

Patty Vo

Universally regarded as one with the top West Coast Swing dancers in the world, she is a U.S. Open champion and a highly respected international instructor, judge and competitor.

With the teaching methods that have produced some of the best dancers in the USA, in addition to teaching workshops across the weekend Patty will be teaching an intensive series on Friday.

Ani Fuller and Ludovic Pelegrin Pardou

Ani is a cherished and renowned teacher and dancer from New Zealand. In recent years her career has taken off with her relocation to France, where she has appeared on headlines alongside the best teachers in the world not only throughout Europe, but Singapore, Korea, Brazil, the UK and the US as well! We are so thrilled to bring her back into the region next year!

For the very first time in Australia, Ludovic Pelegrin Pardou will be joining Ani to teach right here in Perth! Coming from an incredibly broad dance background including Lindy-Hop, Balboa, Charleston, Acrobatic rock'n'roll, Salsa, Boogie Woogie and Tap. Ludovic is known for his extremely wide knowledge base, musicality, and his structured and concise teaching style. Riding a wave of huge competitive success, Ludo has become a well respected teacher, travelling to teach all across Europe.

Ani and Ludo
Katrina Branson

Katrina Branson and Nathan Toussaint

A Perth favourite and arguably the most celebrated coach in the region. Most of your favourite Australian dancers have learned from her at one point or another. Anyone who has been in her workshops before knows you don't want to miss ANY of them!
With over 20 years experience teaching regular classes in West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Balboa and Salsa, Nathan brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique quality to each workshop.
Nathan Toussaint


  • Justin Zadro
  • JP Masson
  • Ani Fuller

Other Staff:

  • Scoreperson: Bronwyn Martin
  • Videography: Chris Schneider
  • Photography: Cathy MacDonald


  • Head Judge: Katrina Branson
  • Patty Vo
  • Ani Fuller
  • Ludovic Pelegrin
  • Zac Skinner
  • Maddy Platts
  • JP Masson
  • Elysia Somerfield
  • Clint Glasgow
  • Kylie Davey



Rottnest trip and Thursday Activities

We will be doing a trip to Rottnest Island on Thursday the 14th. It will be a very relaxed day where we meet at the Fremantle ferry terminal at around 10:30AM (to get a group discount on ferry fares) and then just enjoy the island for the day.

There will also be drinks on at the Ascot Pub (entrance in hotel lobby) from around 7 PM (very chill, just hand out at the pub for a little meet and greet before the event proper starts the next day).

Competition Information

Jack & Jill competitions are a fun format designed to highlight skills in spontaneous WCS dancing and the ability to dance well with a variety of partners. Competitors enter as individuals, are randomly assigned partners, and dance to music selected by our DJs. Whether you are new to WCS or have been dancing for years, make sure you give the comps a try, they are super fun and a great way to dance with more people!

Our Jack & Jill will be run in accordance with World Swing Dance Council rules.

Competitions (as well as workshops and social dancing) at WesterOz Swing are gender neutral.

Competition attire at WesterOz is smart casual. Competitors are welcome to wear jeans, as long as they are neat and are well presented.

Venue and Accommodation

We are thrilled that our venue this year is the fabulous International on the Water Hotel! This venue has a generous ballroom, amazing riverviews and overall give a bit of a fancy feel to our awesome community weekend.

Sunday Dinner

This year to close out the weekend we've organised a community dinner for all the staff and attendees. Served buffet style in The International's restaurant, expect a carvery, desserts, vegetarian options, and a huge selection of gourmet foods overall! Price is $60, or $55 before August 31st. All payments must be received by 21st January. After that date we wont be able to add anyone to the dinner, so make sure you don't miss out!

Pricing and Registration

  • Weekend Pass: $300, or $270 before August 31st
  • Interstate/International Weekend Pass: $200, or $180 before August 31st
  • Other passes (no discounts):
    • Friday night pass: $70
    • Saturday pass: $170
    • Saturday night pass: $70
    • Sunday pass: $150
  • Friday Intensive with Patty Vo: $150
  • Sunday Night Dinner: $60, or $55 before August 31st, must be paid by January 21st!
  • Event T-Shirts: $25, or $20 if you pre-order before December 1st (designs coming soon!)

Note that Pre-Registration for WesterOz Swing is essential, and a $10 surcharge wil be applied to any registration received AFTER the event starts.

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